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  • I am a professional. Why become a professional negotiator?

    Today, traditional professional firms, both legal and commercial, which intend to remain on the market can no longer afford inefficiencies and errors of assessment. Today, entrepreneurs want business-level problem solvers, not bureaucracy! To meet these needs, AINP has enhanced the solid and reliable professional skills of accountants and lawyers with a set of innovative multidisciplinary skills, giving life to this exciting professional qualification also in Italy. A revolutionary professional figure, a specialist who embodies communicative, commercial, managerial, negotiating and legal skills combined with practical training experiences in specific markets and geographical areas.

  • I am a professional. What are the advantages of registering with AINP?

    Competition between companies and competition between products and services offered requires increasingly refined negotiation and sales skills. Experience is an important factor but no longer sufficient. You can acquire new skills, new techniques, improve yourself to improve your results and transform yourself into a successful Negotiator. What are the distinctive abilities of a successful negotiator? What does he say? What does it do differently to be so effective in business negotiations? You will acquire the techniques used by top experts from the Italian Professional Negotiators Association, the most sophisticated systems for identifying the buying and selling strategies of the most skilled negotiators globally. You will know how to plan a winning negotiation, effectively managing every detail to achieve the best competitive advantages.

  • I am a company. What are the advantages of registering with AINP?

    By registering with AINP, an enterprise has the opportunity to draw on studies and research in commercial and economic matters carried out by the association’s scientific committee. Train their managers in different business and commercial areas drawing on the same best practices and knowledge and skills of the best Commercial Negotiators worldwide. Get specific consultancy support for commercial penetration in specific areas of your product or for M&A operations.

  • How do I become a member of AINP?

    Admission to the Association is deliberated by the Board of Directors upon written request from the applicant addressed to the President of the Association. The application can be prepared online by first requesting the access credentials to the personal secured page of the website and then following the specific instructions on the password-protected home page. Upon application, the new members must undertake to accept the Articles of Association and to observe the rules, regulations and resolutions of the Association.

  • What are the training commitments of a Professional Negotiator?

    The continuous training of Professional Negotiators is a mandatory activity of updating, deepening and development of knowledge and technical skills on the subjects to the exercise of professional activity for registered members. It does not replace, but completes the study and individual study which are the prerequisites for the exercise of professional activity and is aimed at professional improvement. Its performance is one of the prerequisites for the correctness, quality and value of the professional service carried out in the interest of the recipients of the professional service to guarantee the public interest.

  • How is training conducted?

    Each Professional Negotiator enrolled in the professional orders of lawyers or chartered accountants has the right to request recognition of the training credits already acquired in his or her membership register on matters relating to Commercial Negotiation, contracts, other aspects of commercial law, national and international taxation, corporate finance and management control. The most specific training on other subjects is carried out through conferences, video courses and webinars organized by the association or other accredited bodies after evaluation by the association’s scientific committee.

  • Where are our offices?

    The AINP association is based in Rome in Via di Porta Pinciana n. 34 and it has an operating office in Milan. Through the network of associated Professional Negotiators we have the opportunity to host meetings at our correspondence offices located in 37 countries.

  • How to register for online and classroom courses?

    All AINP training is available by registering in the personal secured page of the site and then accessing the E-learning section Videocourses E-book Webinar Events. For any information you can contact us by writing to info@negoziatoriprofessionisti.it