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The negotiator in the strict sense, as the word itself says, is the person who facilitates and concludes commercial negotiations on behalf of a client.
But a negotiator also does much more.
Sometimes Negotiators are called upon to favor the solution of commercial, corporate and even trade union disputes by finding, if possible, solutions that meet the interests of all parties.
Very often one is led to believe that in a negotiation it is necessary to “divide the pie” so who is more aggressive wins the bigger slice … and sometimes it is true! But in most cases there are mutual latent opportunities that can be seized only if one is highly prepared in this matter. It is therefore not a question of dividing the pie but of making a bigger one!
In the international context, not only aspects related to the price and the palatability of the product come into play ,but the success of a negotiation and above all of the consequent activities (intercultural, legal, contractual and commercial practice aspects) that if underestimated could bring quickly, even after the signing of the contract, to a series of problems.

In the financial field, for example, in this period of severe restriction of the credit granted to companies, very often Professional Negotiation, together with an appropriate strategic planning makes the difference in obtaining or not the necessary money and the ability to activate a whole series of innovative channels of finance, including private ones, which are in the cultural background of every Professional Negotiator.

Good negotiations therefore contribute significantly to business success.

Italian entrepreneurs who have already had international experience, already know that identifying a serious and reliable external professional partner, as well as customer oriented, is essential to achieve maximum negotiation and commercial effectiveness.

In this scenario, the Professional Negotiator may be the best choice – a precious resource – to reduce risks, solve problems and develop new business opportunities.

In recent years, due to the contraction of the national market, these multidisciplinary skills have also been used to support economic activities in the national market with important competitive advantages for companies.

Today, traditional professional firms, both legal and commercial, which intend to remain on the market can no longer afford inefficiencies and errors of assessment.

Today entrepreneurs want “problem solving” at the business level not at the bureaucracy level!

To meet these needs, AINP has enhanced the solid and reliable professional skills of accountants and lawyers with a set of innovative multidisciplinary skills, giving life (also in Italy) to this exciting professional qualification.

A revolutionary professional figure, a specialist who embodies communicative, commercial, managerial, negotiating and legal skills combined with practical training experiences in specific markets and geographical areas.

The Professional Negotiator is much more than a consultant, he also works in outsourcing directly at the company, if necessary as Temporary Sales Manager, ensuring maximum strategic and operational efficiency.

Until a few years ago it was said: in business, those who continue to do what they have always done will continue to achieve the same results.

Today, in a world that evolves and changes so rapidly, if we continue to do what we have always done, will we achieve the same results tomorrow? I do not believe so!

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