ART. 2


The registered office of the Association is in Rome, via di Porta Pinciana 34. Representative offices can be set up throughout the national and international territory.

ART. 3


The duration of the Association is indefinite.

The Board of Directors meets whenever necessary, on the initiative of the President or at least a third of the directors, and in any case not less than twice a year. The meetings of the Board of Directors must be made, at least ten days in advance, by fax, or by e-mail. The resolutions of the Board of Directors are taken by majority vote of the directors present. In the event of a tie, the President’s vote prevails.

Depending on the topics discussed, the Board may also invite other Associates or members of the Scientific Committee to the meetings, without the right to vote.

Minutes are drawn up for each meeting of the Board of Directors, signed by the President or the substitute president.

In case of impediment, a member of the Board of Directors can be represented by written proxy from another Director, but no one can be granted more than one proxy.

The Executive Council, in the exercise of its functions, can make use of a Scientific Committee, whose members are appointed by the Board itself and can be Associated or non-Associated.